ANM is the result of a rare collaboration between a highly experienced steel fabrication specialist and a business-minded industrial project manager. The two sides of the coin joined to envision and launch a new generation lean factory that learns from the past, uses current technology and adapts to the demands of an ever faster, stricter market. ANM is today a growing, dynamic and flexible operation that implements the learnings of 35 years of leadership in metal fabrication within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and across the region.


Our Mission is to provide our clients with a fast, high-quality response to their metal fabrication needs allowing them to meet their deadlines stress-free while optimizing their costs.


Our Vision is to remain a tight and lean operation that employs a small team of experts and uses only the most efficient and cutting-edge machinery in the field. We strive to be the go-to name, a large-capacity factory using smart processes aimed to continuously achieve fast-turnaround deliveries with zero compromise on quality.

Our Factory

ANM is in gradual expansion at this stage to accommodate rising demand. It is recommended to check frequently with our office in Jeddah for an update on capacity. ASFAN NATIONAL METAL INDUSTRIES